Lika® Meat By Plants

Our signature product, Lika® (ly-ka) is a plant-based protein with applications ranging from burgers to chicken fried steak.  (Yep, really.)

Lika® provides all essential amino acids with zero saturated fat and zero cholesterol.  And with 23 grams of delectable protein in a four ounce serving, Lika® will satisfy even the most serious meat fan. Lika® is already a favorite on Bay Area college campuses.

Want to see Lika® in action?  Check out our click-through gallery below.

LIKA® represents a new generation of meat alternatives for the mature vegetarian market. Competitive products are pre-seasoned because they cannot absorb or change flavors by cooking, severely limiting recipe applications. In response to strong consumer demand, Whole Foods successfully completed the first phase of the roll-out of LIKA® in their Prepared Foods sections in Northern California. Chefs and shoppers have rejected those fake meat substitutes. They crave meat-like taste and texture that only LIKA® can satisfy. Several recipes are being used by Whole Foods Markets and others to extend merchandising under the LIKA® brand. They include meatballs, BBQ slices, breakfast patties, strips, and meatloaf, Buffalo wing nuggets, Southern Fried Chicken Nuggets and crumbles. Demonstrating incompa- rable versatility, LIKA® will soon be available coast to coast! 

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