Better protein, no compromises.


All the flavor, texture and nutrition of the proteins you already love. Less of the saturated fat and cholesterol you don't.

Clean ingredient statement-- Lika® has the cleanest ingredient statement of all plant proteins….

Only 5 natural non GMO ingredients that any 5 year old child can pronounce… 
Wheat, barley mushroom, yeast and water.


Originally developed for our family and our kids' friends
Healthy, delicious and easy to prepare
Sustainable (save 1,800 gallons of water per pound of Lika® enjoyed)
Fully kettle-cooked entrees. heat for about 20 minutes and serve
Shelf life One year frozen 
After thawing, use within three days

Lika Heat and Serve Entrees are great for sending to your kids at college. They will love our ethnic entrees, so easy to prepare and you’ll be sure they are eating well.

“By adding LIKA® Plus to sausage, burgers and meatballs, the results are even juicer and more tasty than the meat alone. And have produced the best sausages I have made in 30 years”
— Chef Bruce Aidells | Founder of Aidells Sausage
By 2030, the world will need millions of tonnes more meat than it does today. But meeting that demand with animal products isn’t sustainable. The meat market is ripe for reinvention.
— Bill Gates, "Future of Food"